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About Us

“Bad Fibs” is what happens when two politically-aware, liberty-loving female patriots mix their southern sass and Midwestern sarcasm with their absolute consternation with the current administration … and then pop it all into a book.  An activity book.

Between the two of us nasty women is a law degree, a commercial real estate career, a handful of retail lines,  a college teaching position, a home-flipping company, tons of non-profit work, and laughing.

OMG so much laughing.

We know how to get things done and, most importantly, we have a blast while doing it. The Resistance is full of similar-minded, get-things-done people, and we will resist, we will persist, and we WILL prevail.  We want to remind people that we can laugh while doing it. It really is the best medicine.

Keep up the great work, y’all!

"We have a president whose agenda is a disaster. But we also have millions of people part of a grassroots struggle. Despair isn't an option"
- Bernie Sanders